June 2021 - Present


I'm currently working on designing a low-code/no-code data analytics tool that provides ML-driven solutions for citizen data scientists. You can find the full case study here.

what is the problem we're trying to solve?

How might we help business Users without data science expertise to leverage ai/ml insights?

what are my responsibilities?

Lead design of the product, collaborate with two designers and PMs to conduct user research, prioritize roadmap items, provide low- and hi- fidelity designs and conduct user testing

Support engineers during the implementation process to ensure the quality of the final user experience of the product

who are our users?

typical workflow

step 1. define problem ❓

step 2. load some data 📑

step 3. prepare the data 🔧

step 4. train a model 💡

step 5. get predictions 💡

step 6. share insights 🖨

other questions
we're trying to answer

- how do we make this highly technical tool accessible for non-technical users?
- how do we build our users' trust in our AI/ML insights?
- how do we make our users' data project experience as efficient as possible?
- is there enough support and guardrails?