Design Challenge

feb 17 -24, 2021


I completed a one-week design challenge for Tesla's recruiting process. My prompt was to design a solution to track the process and transition of a candidate to Tesla employee.

what was the problem we were trying to solve?

How might we help recruiters and managers to efficiently track the recruiting process and transition of a candidate to Tesla employee?

my process

semi-structured interviews

To understand the user groups and the problem space better I conducted four semi-structured interviews with:

1 Recruiter at a bank
1 Recruiter at a consulting firm
1 Hiring manager at a consulting firm
1 Manager at a tech company

Some design implications to highlight:
- Users want a one-stop shop for tracking all candidates.
- Users want an automated process but need the flexibility to manually modify when necessary.
- Users want to take action directly on candidates’ profiles.
- Users want to spend a minimum amount of time scheduling interviews.

competitive analysis

I performed competitive analysis on existing recruiting platforms and evaluated their strengths and weaknesses based on the three design principles that I defined.

design principles

Based on my interviews and competitive analysis, I defined the following design principles. Throughout the design process I kept these three principles in mind and prioritized design decisions that emphasized them.

user persona

Based on my interview analysis, I created a user persona to better understand the user group, their pain points and motivations.

user flow

To understand the high-level process of the user’s experience on the platform, I developed a user flow illustrating the most important steps.

site map

I created a site map to capture different features and functions needed for the hiring, scheduling, onboarding process and plan for better usability. I assumed that this tool would be used for other steps of the recruitment cycle such as posting jobs, sourcing, etc., but I focused on the dashboard and tracking experience.


During my ideation phase I defined the steps of the recruitment cycle I would be focusing on (hiring and onboarding) and made a few assumptions to scope this project.

Some assumptions include:
1) Engineering resources are unlimited and integration with other platforms is technically feasible.
2) Recruiters already completed the first few steps of the process.
3) Candidates can only be considered for one role.

I explored different layouts for the dashboard. I imagine this platform would have slightly different views for recruiters and hiring managers but I decided to focus on the recruiter view for the purpose of this design challenge.

brand identity

Before moving onto high-fidelity designs, I created my design system based on what I could find on Tesla's website.

final designs

Below are some key screens from the final flow.


Actionable to-do list organized by date, open positions, and current candidates categorized by where they are in the hiring process

I removed other steps of the recruiting process like sourcing/posting jobs from the dashboard (which would be available under "applicants" and "jobs") so that user can focus on the action items and tracking their current candidates.

Interview process

Overview of the candidate's hiring process


Recruiters, hiring managers and interviewers can leave notes about the candidate/start a thread.


Recruiters, hiring managers and interviewers input their evaluation. After reviewing the evaluation, the recruiter has to manually reject or advance the candidate.


One of my assumptions was that eng resources were unlimited. I imagine this feature to be connected to the internal email system and recruiters can select a template and send an email directly from the platform.


Recruiters can add any documents related to hiring/onboarding, which will also be reflected on the candidate's application portal.

scheduling interviews

After the candidate fills out their availability, the automated scheduling feature pulls up the interviewers' calendars and finds a time for everyone. The duration/location needs to be figured out, but in this design the recruiter has to manually email everyone to confirm.

reviewing offer

Recruiters can submit offer documents for review before sending an offer letter to the candidate.

onboarding candidates

Recruiter sends onboarding documents to the candidate, which would appear under the documents tab and the candidate's application portal.

if i had more time...

- More feedback and user testing with Tesla Recruiters
- Improve the scheduling feature
- Flesh out the hiring manager view of the platform
- Mobile version
- Other flows of the recruitment cycle